Saturday, 1 November 2008

Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams

The third Cheech and Chong movie is still a very funny stoner comedy. It’s a classic and everyone who likes to be stoned or watch stoner movie will like this.

Cheech (as Richard 'Cheech' Marin)
Benita Del Whacko, Owner Casa Del Whacko
Sandra Nut
Big Nurse #2 (as Big Yank 'Anderson Ball')
Don #7
David #8
Jerry Nurse #1
Jennifer / Blondie Group #5
Shelby Builder

The two stoners Cheech and Chong have a new business, an ice cream stand named "Happy Herb's Nice Dreams." However, this isn't real ice cream — it's made out of experimental marijuana, stolen from their friend's plant.

The two sell the "ice cream" from their truck, and even make trips to a gym. The two soon make a fortune, with which they plan to buy an island, guitars, and get lots of women.

Of course, the police are on Cheech and Chong's tails from the start, as they trick the stoners into selling them "ice cream." Sgt. Stedanko, now himself a stoner, tests the marijuana and slowly turns into a lizard (a side effect of the experimental marijuana). The police storm their house, and Cheech and Chong pack up the marijuana ice cream in their truck and drive off, leaving their roommate and the owner of the marijuana-plant to be arrested. Sgt. Stedanko sends out two police officers to find and arrest the stoners.

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His Girl Friday

The Story
In this classic motion picture, Rosiland Russell is a newspaper reporter who is looking to get out of the news business. Her plan is to by marry and become a house wife after her divorce from newspaper publisher Cary Grant.
(sometimes you have to wait a couple of minutes before the movie starts)