Saturday, 29 December 2007

Ace ventura: Pet Detective

The first of two movies about Ace Ventura. It’s a great and hilarious comedy starring Jim Carrey. This is a great movie to see when your down or had a hard day at work.

Jim Ventura
Courteney Robinson
Sean Lois Einhorn / Ray Finkel
Tone (as Tone Lõc)
Troy Podacter
Udo Camp

Ace, disguised as a delivery man, steals a kidnapped dog from its brusque, unhygenic, violent captor and restores it to its owner, a gorgeous woman who proceeds to seduce Ace in lieu of monetary payment.

Ace himself lives in an apartment, which he retains by deceiving his landlord. Many animals of several species live with Ace, who shares an affinity with them. Because the landlord forbids pets, Ace conceals them, going to great lengths to do so.

The Miami Dolphins team's owner threatens to cancel the coming games if the suddenly absent mascot Snowflake is not found. Agent Melissa Robinson contacts Ace, seeking help. Ace meets Melissa, who explains that Snowflake is a rare bottlenose dolphin who is trained to perform football-themed tricks. The team is very superstitious, and may not win the Super Bowl unless Snowflake is returned; therefore the discovery of Snowflake's location is imperative. After meeting coach Roger and scaring off reporters, Ace enters the dolphin tank and finds his first clue: a rare orange cut amber.


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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Cheech and Chong's Next movie

This is the third movie of cheech and chong and it is one of the funniest as well. Great stoner comedy. One of my all time favourite movies.



Cheech / Dwayne 'Red' Mendoza
Sy Neatnik
Bob Charlie
Edie's Mom
Paul Herman / Desk Clerk

Cheech & Chong's Next Movie opens with the two aging stoners stealing gas in a trashcan, spilling it on themselves, and subsequently blowing up their car after trying to light a joint with gasoline fumes filling the vehicle.

The rest of the film centers on Cheech wanting to get together with a social worker he likes, and wants the place to himself in order to seduce her. Another problem for Cheech is his cousin Red, who has just turned up from the sticks and needs to be shown round town (Los Angeles). Cheech decides to kill two birds with one stone by sending Chong to meet his cousin. Chong heads off to the Hotel where Red is staying and arrives to find him in a dispute with the receptionist (played by Paul Reubens) over how much the room is costing. The receptionist won't give back Red's suitcase until he pays up, but Red can't afford the bill. They decide to break into the room round the back and Red throws down his luggage. One of the bags he throws down contains several thousand dollars worth of cannabis, much to Chong's delight. The rest is just pure fun.

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Sunday, 23 December 2007

Rat Race

Rat race is a fun comedy with an incredible cast. It’s about a race of 5 duo’s to win 1 million dollar. If you like adventure comedies this is definitely you movie to see.

Breckin Schaffer
Cuba Gooding Templeton
Seth Cody
Whoopi Baker
Lanei Jennings
Jon 'Randy' Pear
Kathy 'Bev' Pear
Rowan Pollini
John P. Sinclair
Amy Faucet

Through the orchestration of casino owner Donald Sinclair, six groups of people are brought together in a Vegas casino to race against each other in an attempt to reach a satchel of $2 million in locker 001 in the train station at Silver Lake, New Mexico.

The Pear family finds its family vacation in Vegas interrupted, and the Cody brothers are two con artists whose personal injury suit against the casino goes awry. Mr. Pollini, an extremely cheerful but narcoleptic Italian man, represents the hare of this story. After falling asleep on the way out of the casino, he gets hit by a creepy ambulance driver named Zack who is on his way to New Mexico with a live heart in a cooler. Owen Templeton is a disavowed NFL coach who blew a major call and is drowning himself in alcohol at the casino’s bar. Vera and her estranged daughter Merrill have reunited at the casino after Vera gave up Merrill for adoption years ago. Nick is an uptight lawyer-in-training. All of these clowns earn a shot at the money and head out across the desert.

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Saturday, 22 December 2007

Half Baked

Great stoner comedy movie. It’s about three friends who have to collect money to help another friend out of prison. A must see for stoners and a fun movie.

Dave Jenkins / Sir Smoke-a-Lot
Guillermo Dí
Harland Davis
Rachel Jane Potman
Clarence Williams Simpson
Tommy Master

Thurgood Jenkins, a Master of the Custodial Arts -- "or a janitor, if you want to be a dick about it" -- with the Frankensense & Burr Pharmaceutical Corporation. Thurgood lives in a New York City apartment with his three childhood buddies, Brian, Scarface and Kenny. After the guys take some hits off Billy Bong Thornton one night, it's determined that Kenny is on munchies patrol and, once Brian rattles off an obscenely long list of snacks, Kenny heads for the store, thoroughly baked.

Done shopping, Kenny sees a horse standing just outside the store doors and, being the kind-hearted kindergarten teacher he is, offers the horse some of his grub. Unfortunately, Buttercup is diabetic. Even worse, Buttercup is a police horse, so when he keels over after eating, among other things, beef jerky, graham crackers, sour cream 'n' onion chips, Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars, popcorn, two pizzas and a bag of Funions, Kenny finds himself behind bars, the local papers dubbing him the Kindergarten Cop Killer. Faced with raising his friend's $100,000 bail, Thurgood decides to steal and then, with the help of Brian and Scarface, sell medicinal marijuana from Frankensense & Burr, unwittingly creating competition for the local dealer, Samson Simpson.

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Sunday, 16 December 2007


Envy is a nice comedy about two friends. One friend gets rich and the other not. A lot of laughs and when you are a fan of Ben stiller or Jack Black it’s defintely a must-see.

Ben Dingman
Jack Vanderpark
Rachel Dingman
Amy Vanderpark
Ariel Dingman
Sam Dingman
Lily Vanderpark
Connor Vanderpark

Tim and Nick are neighbours, workmates and best buds who look destined to spend the rest of their days as jaded yes-men at the local sandpaper factory. But it's all-change for Nick when his off-the-cuff idea for the afore-mentioned doggy doo destroyer - inventively titled "Vapoorize" - turns him into an overnight shit tycoon. Tim, meanwhile, is left to live to regret the biggest mistake of his life - turning down the opportunity to go halfers on his old chum's idea.

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Friday, 14 December 2007

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

The second movie of Bill & Ted is not that original but it’s still a good science fiction comedy. If you like the first movie, you will definitely like this one.

Keanu Logan / Evil Ted
Alex S. Preston/ Granny Preston / Evil Robot Bill
William Reaper / English Family Member
Joss De Nomolos
Pam Wardroe
Amy Logan
Jim James Martin
Hal Landon Logan
Chelcie Oats

This totally bogus sequel picks up about five years after Bill & Ted saved their futures by passing their history test. In the opening of the movie we get to see the "perfect" future that their music will bring about where a nefarious villain unleashes a plan that will eliminate Bill & Ted in the past and prevent the happy future from coming about.

Two evil Bill & Ted robots are sent back in time to kill the heroes. When they succeed, Bill & Ted die and begin a journey through the afterlife to find a way to return to their normal lives, save their band and the babes from the evil robot dudes.

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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Old School

Old school is a funny comedy about a guy who starts a fraternity after he rents a house on a college campus. It’s a good comedy with lots of laughs and a great cast.

Luke Martin
Will Ricard
Vince 'Beanie' Campbell
Jeremy Gordon 'Cheese' Pritchard
Leah Campbell
Perrey Jones

As Mitch comes back from a business trip, he is shocked to find out that his girlfriend Heidi takes part in orgies with a variety of people. She claims it’s purely sexual but nevertheless Mitch doesn’t want to continue the relationship. As a result, he rents a house on a college campus.

Mitch encounters his high school crush, Nicole, at his friend Frank’s wedding party. However, he doesn’t make a good impression with her in his drunken state by spilling hot coffee on her. Mitch’s other best friend Bernard throws a party for Mitch so that he could get his mind off his ex-girlfriend.. This party is a huge success and also puts Mitch and his friends at the top of the college social scene.

The next morning, the guys meet Dean Pritchard. The Dean is a childhood acquaintance of the three men, but since he was the butt of most of their pranks, his actions throughout the movie are vindictively rooted. Pritchard happily informs them that the house is specifically designated for social services and community housing. Therefore, Mitch, Frank, and Bernard must either move out or fulfil the Dean’s criteria in order to keep Mitch’s house. For this reason, it is Bernard’s idea to start a fraternity that is open to anyone.

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Monday, 10 December 2007

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is the first of two movies about two guys who wanne pass history by collecting many historical figures. It’s a science fiction comedy of the late 80’s. A realy funny movie for all ages.

Keanu Logan
Alex S. Preston, Esq.
Dan the Kid
Rod Sigmund Freud
Al Khan
Jane of Arc
Robert V. Lincoln
Clifford van Beethoven
Hal Landon Logan

Bill S. Preston Esq. and Theodore "Ted" Logan are two hard rock-obsessed teenagers in San Dimas, California (1988) who are in danger of flunking out of high school. This situation is particularly "heinous" because Ted's authoritarian father has threatened to ship him to the Alaskan Military Academy if he flunks. Miraculously, a guitar-playing guru named Rufus arrives from San Dimas of the future (2688) to help them pass a vital history report, because their garage band Wyld Stallyns holds the key to world peace and ultimate truth.

However, they will not achieve this destiny if they flunk out and Ted is shipped to Alaska. Rufus lends them a time machine disguised as a phone booth to help them get an A+ on their oral report. Various time traveling shenanigans ensue, as they proceed to "collect" various historical figures, including Napoleon Bonaparte, Socrates, Billy the Kid, Sigmund Freud and many others.

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Friday, 7 December 2007

How High

How high is a very funny comedy about two guys, Silas and Jamal, decide to one day smoke something magical, which eventually help them to ace their college entrance exam.. You even don’t have to smoke to like this movie.

Method P. Silas King
Obba Babatundé Carl Cain
Mike Powder
Anna Maria King
Fred Huntley
Jeffrey President
Hector the Crew Coach
Al Need Money
Chuck - Ghost (as Chuck Davis)

The plot is centered around two underachieving pot smokers - Silas P. Silas and Jamal King. When Silas' friend Ivory dies, Silas uses his ashes as fertilizer for a new batch of marijuana. When taking their THC (as opposed to SAT) exams for college, the pair are both sitting outside the exam hall attempting to smoke some marijuana, but neither is able to do so without the help of the other. Soon they discover that smoking Silas' new batch of weed summons the ghost of the recently deceased Ivory, who tells them the exact test answers and helps both of them pass with perfect scores.

Several prestigious colleges offer them to study at their school, suggesting different learning atmosphere and programs, but they all seem not to be interesting enough. That is until Chancellor Huntley suggests the two sign up at Harvard University.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The Girl Next Door

A good comedy movie starring Emile Hirsch and Elisha Cuthbert. It tells the story of a boy who’s falling in love with his nextdoor neighbour. It’s an original story and a funny plot.

Emile Kidman
James Posh

Ambitious Westport High School senior, Matthew Kidman, dreams of a career in politics. He plans to attend Georgetown University if he can get a big upcoming scholarship. He is distracted by his new 19 year old neighbor, Danielle, and they begin to have a relationship. He soon discovers by his porn-addicted friend, Eli, who shows him a video, proving that Danielle is actually a porn star, though she shelters resentment and disdain for what she does.

Previously, his Student Council organization raised $25,000 to bring a Cambodian boy, Samnang, a genius that taught himself Calculus without any textbooks, to the US to study at Westport High.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Eurotrip tells the story of Scott Thomas who has to travel to Europe because he wants to make it allright with his German girlfriend, Mieke. A beautiful and funny comedy.

Scott Thomas
Jacob Harris

The movie tells the story of Scott who’s being dumped by his girlfriend Fiona at his high school graduation in his home state of Ohio. When he comes back home, he mails the happenings to his German pen-pal Mieke (which he mistakenly pronounces as "Mike"). Scott's friend, Cooper says that "Mike" is a sexual predator who will ask to come to America to have sex with him, after Scott admits that the pen-pal is so close to him and "he" (Mike) knows of Scott's inner secrets.

Drunk and angry, he tells Mieke that "he" is a sick perverted freak, resonating on Cooper's earlier comment and then blocks off the address. The next day, Scott notices his brother, Bert, reading his emails. Irritatedly, he tries to send off Bert, but instead finds him in amusement. Scott asks the reason, for which Bert replies that Scott's "got this cute German chick" in his mailbox. She blocked him from her e-mail account, so he has to travel to Europe to make it ok with Mieke.


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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Road Trip

This is a very good adventure comedy about a guy who has to intercept a personal video to save his relationship. Lots of jokes and funny moments. A must-see.

Breckin Parker
Seann William
Amy Wagner
Paulo Carver
DJ Edwards
Tom Manilow
Rachel Henderson

Josh, a University of Ithaca student, is suffering through a romantic crisis. His life-long girlfriend, Tiffany, who is attending the University of Texas, has stopped returning his phone calls, and Josh is convinced she's cheating on him.

So, haunted by visions of her in another guy's arms, he succumbs to the seductive wiles of Beth, a girl who has a crush on him. The camcorder is running while they have sex, and the tape is accidentally mailed to Tiffany the next day (one of Josh's roommates mixes it up with the "I miss you" tape Josh had intended to send). And, shortly after the tape gone out, Tiffany calls and explains that she has been out of touch because her grandfather died.

In a last-ditch attempt to intercept the tape and save his relationship, Josh and three friends get in a car and head south on a three-day, 1800-mile road trip.

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His Girl Friday

The Story
In this classic motion picture, Rosiland Russell is a newspaper reporter who is looking to get out of the news business. Her plan is to by marry and become a house wife after her divorce from newspaper publisher Cary Grant.
(sometimes you have to wait a couple of minutes before the movie starts)