Monday, 8 February 2010

Rush Hour 1

A great action comedy starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Lots of laughs and action. These two have the best chemistry I have seen in a long time. Chris Tucker is hilarious, and Jackie Chan always entertains. This film delivers in every way!!

Tom Griffin / Juntao
Tzi Han
Mark Warren Russ
Rex Daniel Whitney
Elizabeth Peñ
Chris Card

On the last day of British rule in Hong Kong, Detective Inspector Lee of the Hong Kong police leads a raid at the docks, hoping to arrest the mysterious crime lord Juntao. He finds only Sang, Juntao's right hand man, who manages to escape. However, Lee successfully recovers numerous Chinese cultural treasures stolen by Juntao, which he presents as a farewell victory to his departing superiors: Chinese consul Han and British Commander Thomas Griffin.

Shortly after arriving in the United States to take up his new diplomatic post in Los Angeles, Han's daughter, Soo-Yung, is kidnapped on her way to her first day at school. The leader of the kidnappers is none other than Sang. She tries to run away, but fails and is captured. Shortly after this incident the FBI inform Consul Han who calls in Lee to assist in the case and partly because he and his family are not United States Citizens.

The FBI, afraid that injury or death of Lee would result in negative attention, pawn him off on the LAPD Captain Diel, who gives the assignment to Detective James Carter, an overconfident and arrogant police officer with aspirations of joining the FBI. Carter had recently caused property damage arresting bomb-maker Clyde Cod and during this incident two police officers got shot by Clyde and one of the officers lost a pinkie finger. Captain Diel gives him a choice: keep Lee away from the investigation or face two months suspension without pay. Carter agrees, secretly intending to solve the case himself.

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Black Sheep (1996)

Black Sheep is a pretty funny Comedy made in 1996. This movie is often laugh out loud hilarious, and Farley and Spade just have great chemistry together! If you like ”Tommy boy”, you will definitely like this one.

Chris Donnelly
David Dodds
Tim Donnelly
Christine Tracy
Gary Sabitch
Grant Mieghem
Timothy Kovary

Chris Farley plays the disaster-prone brother of a gubernatorial candidate in Washington State. Though he is well meaning, the havoc he creates on the campaign trail is drawing press attention, so a snotty aide (David Spade) to the politician is dispatched to keep the big lug under control. Spade's character initially insults his charge as often as possible, but over time, the two bond and end up becoming a part of the final election push. Farley and Spade have some very funny moments, but overall the film feels rushed and poorly planned. Constant changes in character and script happen recklessly and randomly so that nothing ever really makes sense. The film keeps changing the rules by which it plays.

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Naked Gun From the Files of Police Squad!

This is another movie from the creators of the ever hysterical Airplane. If you've seen Airplane, than you can expect the same kind of humor from this. This is one of those movies in which you can go crazy by trying to count the gags in the first ten minutes. A must-see (slapstick) comedy movie.

Leslie Drebin
Priscilla Spencer
Ricardo Ludwig
George Hocken
Susan Beaubian Nordberg
Jeannette Elizabeth II
Ed Olsen
'Weird Al''Weird Al'

Detective Frank Drebin tries to uncover a plan to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II, who is on a state visit to the USA. The main suspect is Vincent Ludwig, a man (hired by Papshmir, a recurring villain) who has a way of turning anyone into an unknowing assassin at the press of a remote control; it appears that the victims are responding to a post-hypnotic suggestion, but the film makes no effort to clarify the point. As with previous ZAZ spoof comedies, the ostensible "plot" was culled most from another - more serious - movie. In this case, it was Telefon wherein people were triggered into assassins via hypnotic phone calls.

As he works on the case, Drebin meets and falls in love with Ludwig's assistant Jane Spencer. It is eventually revealed that Jane knows nothing about Ludwig's plot, and after the pair spend the night together, she helps Frank with his investigation.

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Monty Python and the Meaning of life

Another great movie of the Monty Python cast. It’s a musical comedy about the various stages of life. A very funny movie and a must see for every comedy fan.
Graham Doctor , Harry Blackitt and others
John Dr. Spencer, Humphrey Williams and others
Terry Walters , Middle of the Film Announcer and others
Eric 'Meaning of Life' Singer, Watson and others
Terry Mum , Priest and others
Michael Mr. Pycroft, Dad and others

Under the thinly veiled premise of figuring out the meaning of life, this movie progresses through a series of sketches that cover everything from birth to death.
From the mysteries of Catholic doctrine, to the miracle of reproduction, to why one should avoid the salmon mousse, to the critical importance of the machine that goes "Ping!" Using fish as a linking device (and what marvelous links those aquatic creatures make), The Meaning of Life is presented as a series of sketches: a musical production number about why seed is sacred; a look at dining in the afterlife; the quest for a missing fish (there they are again); a visit from Mr. Death; the cautionary tale of Mr. Creosote and his rather gluttonous appetite; an unflinching examination of the harsh realities of organ donation, and so on. Sadly, this was the last original Python film, but it's a beaut. You'll laugh. You'll cry (probably because you're laughing so hard). You may even learn something about The Meaning of Life. Or at least about how fish fit into the grand scheme of things.

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Monty Python and the life of Brian

One of my favorite movies of all time, this film has so many laugh-out-loud jokes and ridiculous thought processes and is probably the best Monty Python-movie of the three. If you haven’t seen it, go see it because this is a masterpiece!!!!

Graham Cohen , Biggus Dickus and others
John Jewish Official , Centurion and others
Terry Revolutionary, Blood & Thunder Prophet and others
Eric Harry the Haggler, Jailer's Assistant and others
Terry Simon the Holy Man, Bob Hoskins and others
Michael Ex-Leper, Announcer, Pontius Pilate and others

Brian Cohen is born in a stable a few doors from the one in which Jesus is born, which initially confuses the three wise men who come to praise the future King of the Jews. They put up with Brian's boorish mother, Mandy, until they realise their mistake. Brian grows up an idealistic young man who resents the continuing Roman occupation of Judea, even after learning his father was a Roman Centurion—Naughtius Maximus[3]—who raped Brian's mother.
While attending Jesus's Sermon on the Mount, Brian becomes infatuated with an attractive young rebel, Judith. His desire for her and hatred for the Romans lead him to join the Peoples' Front of Judea (PFJ), one of many factious and bickering separatist movements, who spend more time fighting each other than the Romans.
The group's cynical leader, Reg, gives Brian his first assignment: he must scrawl some graffiti on the wall of the governor's palace. Just as he finishes doing this, he is confronted by a passing centurion who, disgusted by Brian's faulty Latin grammar forces him to write the grammatically correct message 100 times. By dawn, the walls of the palace are covered in text. When the Roman guards change shift at daybreak, the new guards try to arrest Brian, but he slips away with Judith's help.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Every single thing is great about this movie. The actors are great, the sets are believable, the plot owns, the script has a nice flow. Brendon Fraser is the lead guitarist/singer of this awesome band, the Lone Rangers. He has a crappy apartment, he has no job, and his girlfriend is mad at him for trying to make his band work instead of growing up. The jokes keep going thru-out, and are actually funny, even after repeated viewings.

Brendan 'Chazz' Darvey
Chris Wilson
Michael Jackson
Judd Wing
Ernie O'Malley
Michael Beech

Chazz, Rex and Pip are a Los Angeles would-be rock band calling themselves The Lone Rangers. The guys are continuously turned down as they try to get their demo tape heard by producers. They finally decide to try to get the local rock station to play it on the air, after they saw how Rebel Radio helped another band get a record deal.

Once inside, disc jockey Ian the Shark puts them on the air without them knowing. The station's sleazy manager Milo overhears them and intervenes. After Milo calls Rex "Hollywood Boulevard trash", Chazz and Rex shove water pistols (that look like Uzis) in Milo's face and demand airplay. An underrated movie that’s worth watching.

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Dumb and Dumber

From beginning to end, this movie is hilarious. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are the main characters..It’s a comedy classic and a must-see. If you haven’t seen it already, go see it or watch the dvd.
Jim Christmas
Jeff Dunne
Lauren Swanson
Mike Mentalino
Karen Shay
Charles Andre
Victoria Beauty

Lloyd Christmas is a simple-minded limousine driver in Providence, Rhode Island, who becomes infatuated with his passenger, Mary Swanson, as he drives her to the airport. Mary is heading home to her family in Aspen, Colorado, but leaves a briefcase at the airport. Lloyd notices, and retrieves the briefcase before a pair of thugs arrive to pick it up, dashing ahead of them to snag the briefcase. Lloyd is unable to catch Mary in time, and is left on the ramp of the airport with briefcase in hand. Together with is roommate Harry Dunne, he decides to head for Aspen to return the briefcase to Mary.

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Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay

First let me say this movie was hilarious. Definitely a stoner comedy movie and as funny as the first one. Actually, it may be funnier. If you haven’t seen it already, go see it or watch the dvd.
John Lee
Kal Patel
Rob Fox
Jack Frye
Roger Jack Beecher
Neil Patrick Patrick Harris
Danneel Fanning
Eric Graham
Paula Garcé

Immediately following the events of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Harold Lee and Kumar Patel want fly to Amsterdam so Harold can pursue a budding romance with his neighbor Maria. During the flight an old woman mistakes Kumar for a terrorist, his bong is mistaken for a bomb, and air marshals detain the duo and Harold and Kumar get into a fight and the plane returns to Washington D.C., where Ron Fox, the neurotic and racist Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, sends them to the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. They quickly escape and travel to Florida with the help of Cuban refugees. Trying to get to Texas to see Harold's old friend, who may be able to help them out of the jam, they get picked up by Neil Patrick Harris, and eventually travel throughout the entire Southern United States. A funny Sequel of Harold & Kumar go to white castle.

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Monty phyton and the quest for the Holy grail

Well, this is unquestionably one of the funniest movies ever made. It’s a parody about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table set out on a quest to find the Holy Grail. This movie is must-must-see for all comedy fans. An absolute masterpiece.

Graham Arthur and others
John Swallow-Savvy Guard and others
Eric Collector and others
Terry and others
Terry's Mother and others
Michael Swallow-Savvy Guard and others
Connie Witch
Carol Cleveland / Dingo
Neil characters

Monty Python and the Holy Grail loosely follows the legend of King Arthur. Arthur recruits his Knights of the Round Table, including Sir Bedevere the Wise, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot and Sir Galahad the Pure. The group is instructed by God to seek out the Holy Grail. They are led to a castle controlled by the French where they believe the Grail is being held. After being insulted in mangled Franglais and failing to invade the castle in a Trojan Rabbit, Arthur decides that they must go their separate ways to seek out the Grail.

Subsequent to these events, in a manner of breaking the fourth wall, a modern-day historian while describing the Arthurian legend is killed by a knight on horseback, triggering a police investigation. Each of the Knights encounters various perils on their quest.

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Monday, 1 February 2010

Tommy Boy

This is an hilarious movie. This movie has everything! It has a good storyline, good acting, great scenery, adventure and some brilliant gags! And with the great comedians Chris Farley and David Spade this movie can’t be less than a must-see for ALL comedy fans. It’s still a great loss for comedy that Chris Farley died so young.


Chris Tommy
David Richard
Brian Big Tom
Bo Beverly
Dan Zalinsky
Julie Michelle
Sean Rittenhauer
Zach Reilly


At Marquette University, hard-partying D-student Thomas R. "Tommy Boy" Callahan III finally graduates and returns home to Sandusky, Ohio. There, his proud father, industrialist Tom Callahan Jr., gives him an executive job at the family's auto parts plant.

In addition to a job and an office, Tom Sr. reveals other surprises for his son: Tom Sr. is engaged to a woman he met at a fat farm, Beverly Barish-Burns, and that Tommy will soon have a stepbrother, Beverly's son Paul. But, Tom Sr. suffers a fatal heart attack during the wedding reception. At a board meeting after the funeral, the bank reneges on loans Tom Sr. had negotiated to pay for a new brake pad division, which he thought would be the future of the company.

Fearing the death of his family's company, Tommy comes up with an idea: Give the bank his inheritance as collateral and then go on a cross-nation sales trip with his father's former assistant, Richard Hayden. Tommy and Richard, a childhood classmate long envious of Tommy's ability to be lazy and yet be rewarded, hit the road in a last-ditch effort to save the company. They take off in Richard's 1967 Plymouth GTX convertible, which is eventually destroyed during a series of mishaps.

Meanwhile, Paul and Beverly are shown kissing -- they are not son and mother, but a married couple of con artists. Their plan to steal from Tom Sr. has paid off early. Instead of eventually suing for divorce and taking half of Tom Sr.'s estate, Beverly has inherited half the company. She seeks a quick sale to self-described "auto parts king" Ray Zalinsky.

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His Girl Friday

The Story
In this classic motion picture, Rosiland Russell is a newspaper reporter who is looking to get out of the news business. Her plan is to by marry and become a house wife after her divorce from newspaper publisher Cary Grant.
(sometimes you have to wait a couple of minutes before the movie starts)