Sunday, 6 January 2008

Bringing down the house

Great comedy starring Steve Martin and Queen Latifah. It’s a funny story and great acting. A must-see for every comedy fan and certainly for fans of the two stars mentionned above.

Steve Sanderson
Queen Morton
Eugene Rottman
Joan Arness
Jean Sanderson
Kimberly J. Sanderson
Angus T. Sanderson
Michael Gendler
Betty Kline

Peter Sanderson is a workaholic tax attorney corresponding with an online friend known only as "lawyer-girl". On their first blind date, Peter learns that "lawyer-girl" is Charlene Morton, a wrongfully convicted bank robber claiming her innocence who wants Peter's help in getting the charges dropped. Peter also must deal with Virginia Arness, an eccentric billionaire, to bring her business to his firm, as well as competitive colleagues and bosses. His neighbor, Mrs. Kline, who happens to be related to one of the senior partners, is a nosy bigot. Peter attempts to juggle these issues as well as reconcile with his estranged wife and children.

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His Girl Friday

The Story
In this classic motion picture, Rosiland Russell is a newspaper reporter who is looking to get out of the news business. Her plan is to by marry and become a house wife after her divorce from newspaper publisher Cary Grant.
(sometimes you have to wait a couple of minutes before the movie starts)