Thursday, 22 November 2007

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

This is the second movie with Deuce Bigalow. Like in the first part he plays a gigolo but this time he has to go to Europe. Still a great comedy but the first one’s better.

Rob Bigalow
Eddie Griffin Hicks
Jeroen Krabbé Voorsboch
Til Schweiger Heinz Hummer
Douglas Sills Chadsworth Buckingham, III
Carlos Ponce ............. Rodrigo
Charles Keating ..... as ............. Gian-Carlo
Hanna Verboom..... as.............. Eva

Gigolos in Europe are being terrorized by a serial killer. In Malibu, Deuce's wife is dead from a shark attack. Deuce is called up by T.J. Hicks, his former pimp, who invites him to come to Amsterdam where T.J. is pimping. Deuce goes because he is suspected of complicity in some dolphin-related injuries in Malibu.

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