Sunday, 18 November 2007

There’s something about Mary

There’s something about Mary is a funny comedy. It has a lot of laughs and if you like silly comedy movies it’s a must-see.

Cameron Diaz as Mary Jensen
Matt Dillon as Pat Healy
Ben Stiller as Ted Stroehmann
Lee Evans as Tucker / Norman Phipps
Chris Elliott as Dom Woganowski
Lin Shaye as Magda
Jeffrey Tambor as Sully

When teen-nerd Ted Stroehmann challenges a high-schooler who's bullying retarded Warren Jenson, his concern prompts Warren's sister, the dazzling and desirable Mary Jenson to choose Ted as her senior prom date, a fact Ted's pals find hard to believe. However, on prom night, Ted gets a painfull accident, so the much-desired date never happens. 13 years later, Ted hires Pat Healy to locate Mary, and the creepy private investigator finds her in Miami, where she lives with her roommate Magda. After Pat develops a stalker-style fixation on the lovely, unattached Mary, he lies to Ted, telling him that she's now an overweight mother confined to a wheelchair.
Ted learns the truth but continues to encounter offbeat obstacles as he accelerates to Miami in hopes of finding happiness with his true love.

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