Monday, 1 March 2010

Scary Movie 1

This is the first Scary Movie and probably the funniest of the four. It’s a parody mainly of the horror movie “scream” but there are also part of other horror movies. There are many funny scenes and great performances by Anna Faris and Marlon Wayans. A must- see for every comedy fan.

Regina Brenda Meeks
Marlon Shorty Meeks
Shannon Buffy Gilmore
Anna Cindy Campbell
Jon Bobby Prinze
Carmen Drew Decker
Dave The Killer / Doofy Gilmore

At Halloween night, a young teenage girl named Drew Decker is alone in her mansion when she receives a telephone call. Scared by its insidious tone, she grabs a baseball bat and answers the front door by attacking the trick-or-treaters. As soon as Drew returns inside the house, the caller appears, revealing himself as the murderer Ghostface. Ghostface chases Drew out of the house and onto the road, where Drew sights her father approaching in his car and calls for help, only to be run over by him while he receives oral sex. Stunned from the impact, Drew ends up being murdered.

Cindy Campbell is using her computer when her boyfriend Bobby Prinze appears in the window. Bobby is sad because his relationship with Cindy is not sexual. Even though he expresses this to her, she refuses his intentions and he leaves Cindy's house.

The next day in school, Cindy meets with Bobby and the rest of her friends, Brenda Meeks, Greg Phillipe, Ray Wilkins, and Buffy Gilmore. At the school, news teams are trying to interview the police and students who knew Drew; the most prominent among the reporters is Gail Hailstorm.

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