Monday, 1 March 2010

Tenacious D : Pick of Destiny

A very funny movie starring Jack Black and Kyle Gass. From beginning to end, this movie is packed with fun, laughs, music, enjoyable rock music, hot chicks, more music, action, drama, and the f-bomb. It’s just hilarious. Also strong and funny performances by Ben Stiller, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and Tim Robbins.

JR Reed
Ronnie James
Paul F. Mic Host
Troy' JB
Ned Guard
Fred Guard
Kirk Chase Cop / Gang Leader
Amy Stop Waitress
Tim Stranger
David (as Dave Grohl)
Ben Center Guy

As a kid, Jack Black (JB or "Jables") leaves his strictly religious family in Kickapoo, Missouri for Hollywood on a quest to form the world's most awesome rock band. After going through every other Hollywood in the United States, a fullgrown Jables meets acoustic guitarist Kyle Gass (KG or "Kage") who is performing on the street, and begins worshipping him as a rock god because of his skills and attitude. While KG at first spurns JB, tossing his pick at him, he pretends to save him from a Clockwork Orange-esque gang that beat him up that night and takes him back to his "pad", where he pretends to be famous with a self-named band "The Kyle Gass Project", and exploits him to do work such as cleaning his apartment and buying him weed with the promise of an audition for his fictitious band. JB eventually learns that KG is actually unemployed and bald, living off rent checks from his mother (which she announces are going to stop). However the two become equal when Kage reveals he used the last of his rent money to buy JB a brand-new guitar decorated with religious symbols. Vowing to help his new friend, JB and KG create their own band: Tenacious D. Soon JB and KG learn the deepest secret of rock: all the rock legends used the same guitar pick: The Pick of Destiny. Infatuated by the prospect of becoming the next great rock star, JB immediately sets Tenacious D on a quest to steal the Pick of Destiny from a rock history museum.

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  1. Thanks for reviews ! The movie is looking to be interesting one. Let me make a plan. Wish that I will watch this film very soon.
    Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

  2. hindi TV channel Awesome and really very interesting movie...Contain allot of fun. I really enjoyed it and the clip which is shares on blog after watching that clip I bloated out of laugh.


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