Sunday, 17 October 2010

Get him to the greek

Hilarious Comedy starring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. It's about a record company intern who is hired to accompany out-of-control British rock star Aldous Snow to a concert at L.A.'s Greek Theater. Great stoner comedy.
Jonah Hill ....... as ........Aaron Green
Russell Brand ....... as ........Aldous Snow
Rose Byrne ....... as ........Jackie Q
Tyler McKinney ....... as ........African Child in Video
Zoe Salmon ....... as ........Herself
Lino Facioli ....... as ........Naples
Lars Ulrich ....... as ........Himself
Mario López ....... as ........Himself
Pink ....... as ........Herself
Billy Bush ....... as ........Himself

Rock star Aldous Snow releases an album and an accompanying single "African Child". The song and music video flops, is banned and called "the worst thing to happen to Africa since the apartheid" by NME. His girlfriend, Jackie Q , takes custody of their son, Naples, and leaves him; as a result, Aldous hits rock bottom by drinking and doing drugs excessively once again.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Aaron Green is a driven, idealistic young college graduate who works as a low-level talent scout at Pinnacle Records. He lives with his girlfriend, Daphne , a doctor in her internship, but they do not get to see each other often due to her heavy work schedule. Pinnacle Records has lost a lot of money, so the head of the company, Sergio Roma, asks for ideas. Green proposes to have Aldous Snow play at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles for the tenth anniversary of a particularly famous performance there. One month later, he sends Aaron to London to retrieve Aldous. Before leaving, Aaron visits sleep-deprived Daphne at her hospital to tell her that he'll be gone for a few days. She informs Aaron that she received a job offer at a hospital in Seattle, where she will have a less hectic work schedule. Aaron doesn't appreciate her insisting that they move to Seattle and leave their current jobs behind, and an argument ensues and leads to an implied break-up.

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  1. Its a good movie with comedy and fun there , also having the nice enjoyment as well the funniest genre in it. I rally like the way story represented in the movie.

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