Monday, 18 October 2010

Trapped in paradise

My favourite Christmas Comedy starring Nicolas Cage, Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey. It's about three guys robbing a bank and can't get out of the city. It's a nice comedy with many funny scenes.
Nicolas Cage ....... as ........Bill Firpo
Jon Lovitz ....... as ........Dave Firpo
Dana Carvey ....... as ........Alvin Firpo
M├Ądchen Amick ....... as ........Sarah Collins
Florence Stanley ....... as ........Edna 'Ma' Firpo
Donald Moffat ....... as ........Clifford Anderson
Angela Paton ....... as ........Hattie Anderson
Vic Manni ....... as ........Vic Mazzucci
Frank Pesce ....... as ........Caesar Spinoza
John Ashton ....... as ........Ed Dawson

It's Christmas time. Bill Firpo is a restaurant manager, who gets an unpleasant Christmas gift; his brothers Dave and Alvin are paroled early due to overcrowding. Dave and Alvin ask Bill to go to Paradise, Pennsylvania to do a favor for a fellow inmate of theirs. Bill only agrees after getting involved in the robbery their brothers made. When they discover a bank that is light on security Bill proposes to rob it using guns Dave brought with him. The wife of the bank's presidents tells them that the bank safe door is locked and the bank owner who has the key is having lunch in the restaurant nearby. Alvin and Bill charge into the restaurant and call in a robbery. They order all customers to come with Bill over to the bank so that no one calls the police when they go. Mr. Anderson opens the safe's door and Bill checks for motion sensors via a perfume. He steps over the sensors gets the money but while getting out of the safe he touches the sensors via one of the money bags. Bill and Dave rush out of the bank and get away with their crime, stealing $275,000.

While trying to get out of town with their car, a police car turns on the sirens and they try to evade getting caught.

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