Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Every single thing is great about this movie. The actors are great, the sets are believable, the plot owns, the script has a nice flow. Brendon Fraser is the lead guitarist/singer of this awesome band, the Lone Rangers. He has a crappy apartment, he has no job, and his girlfriend is mad at him for trying to make his band work instead of growing up. The jokes keep going thru-out, and are actually funny, even after repeated viewings.

Brendan 'Chazz' Darvey
Chris Wilson
Michael Jackson
Judd Wing
Ernie O'Malley
Michael Beech

Chazz, Rex and Pip are a Los Angeles would-be rock band calling themselves The Lone Rangers. The guys are continuously turned down as they try to get their demo tape heard by producers. They finally decide to try to get the local rock station to play it on the air, after they saw how Rebel Radio helped another band get a record deal.

Once inside, disc jockey Ian the Shark puts them on the air without them knowing. The station's sleazy manager Milo overhears them and intervenes. After Milo calls Rex "Hollywood Boulevard trash", Chazz and Rex shove water pistols (that look like Uzis) in Milo's face and demand airplay. An underrated movie that’s worth watching.

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