Monday, 8 February 2010

Monty Python and the Meaning of life

Another great movie of the Monty Python cast. It’s a musical comedy about the various stages of life. A very funny movie and a must see for every comedy fan.
Graham Doctor , Harry Blackitt and others
John Dr. Spencer, Humphrey Williams and others
Terry Walters , Middle of the Film Announcer and others
Eric 'Meaning of Life' Singer, Watson and others
Terry Mum , Priest and others
Michael Mr. Pycroft, Dad and others

Under the thinly veiled premise of figuring out the meaning of life, this movie progresses through a series of sketches that cover everything from birth to death.
From the mysteries of Catholic doctrine, to the miracle of reproduction, to why one should avoid the salmon mousse, to the critical importance of the machine that goes "Ping!" Using fish as a linking device (and what marvelous links those aquatic creatures make), The Meaning of Life is presented as a series of sketches: a musical production number about why seed is sacred; a look at dining in the afterlife; the quest for a missing fish (there they are again); a visit from Mr. Death; the cautionary tale of Mr. Creosote and his rather gluttonous appetite; an unflinching examination of the harsh realities of organ donation, and so on. Sadly, this was the last original Python film, but it's a beaut. You'll laugh. You'll cry (probably because you're laughing so hard). You may even learn something about The Meaning of Life. Or at least about how fish fit into the grand scheme of things.

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