Monday, 8 February 2010

Black Sheep (1996)

Black Sheep is a pretty funny Comedy made in 1996. This movie is often laugh out loud hilarious, and Farley and Spade just have great chemistry together! If you like ”Tommy boy”, you will definitely like this one.

Chris Donnelly
David Dodds
Tim Donnelly
Christine Tracy
Gary Sabitch
Grant Mieghem
Timothy Kovary

Chris Farley plays the disaster-prone brother of a gubernatorial candidate in Washington State. Though he is well meaning, the havoc he creates on the campaign trail is drawing press attention, so a snotty aide (David Spade) to the politician is dispatched to keep the big lug under control. Spade's character initially insults his charge as often as possible, but over time, the two bond and end up becoming a part of the final election push. Farley and Spade have some very funny moments, but overall the film feels rushed and poorly planned. Constant changes in character and script happen recklessly and randomly so that nothing ever really makes sense. The film keeps changing the rules by which it plays.

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