Monday, 1 February 2010

Tommy Boy

This is an hilarious movie. This movie has everything! It has a good storyline, good acting, great scenery, adventure and some brilliant gags! And with the great comedians Chris Farley and David Spade this movie can’t be less than a must-see for ALL comedy fans. It’s still a great loss for comedy that Chris Farley died so young.


Chris Tommy
David Richard
Brian Big Tom
Bo Beverly
Dan Zalinsky
Julie Michelle
Sean Rittenhauer
Zach Reilly


At Marquette University, hard-partying D-student Thomas R. "Tommy Boy" Callahan III finally graduates and returns home to Sandusky, Ohio. There, his proud father, industrialist Tom Callahan Jr., gives him an executive job at the family's auto parts plant.

In addition to a job and an office, Tom Sr. reveals other surprises for his son: Tom Sr. is engaged to a woman he met at a fat farm, Beverly Barish-Burns, and that Tommy will soon have a stepbrother, Beverly's son Paul. But, Tom Sr. suffers a fatal heart attack during the wedding reception. At a board meeting after the funeral, the bank reneges on loans Tom Sr. had negotiated to pay for a new brake pad division, which he thought would be the future of the company.

Fearing the death of his family's company, Tommy comes up with an idea: Give the bank his inheritance as collateral and then go on a cross-nation sales trip with his father's former assistant, Richard Hayden. Tommy and Richard, a childhood classmate long envious of Tommy's ability to be lazy and yet be rewarded, hit the road in a last-ditch effort to save the company. They take off in Richard's 1967 Plymouth GTX convertible, which is eventually destroyed during a series of mishaps.

Meanwhile, Paul and Beverly are shown kissing -- they are not son and mother, but a married couple of con artists. Their plan to steal from Tom Sr. has paid off early. Instead of eventually suing for divorce and taking half of Tom Sr.'s estate, Beverly has inherited half the company. She seeks a quick sale to self-described "auto parts king" Ray Zalinsky.

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