Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The Girl Next Door

A good comedy movie starring Emile Hirsch and Elisha Cuthbert. It tells the story of a boy who’s falling in love with his nextdoor neighbour. It’s an original story and a funny plot.

Emile Kidman
James Posh

Ambitious Westport High School senior, Matthew Kidman, dreams of a career in politics. He plans to attend Georgetown University if he can get a big upcoming scholarship. He is distracted by his new 19 year old neighbor, Danielle, and they begin to have a relationship. He soon discovers by his porn-addicted friend, Eli, who shows him a video, proving that Danielle is actually a porn star, though she shelters resentment and disdain for what she does.

Previously, his Student Council organization raised $25,000 to bring a Cambodian boy, Samnang, a genius that taught himself Calculus without any textbooks, to the US to study at Westport High.

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His Girl Friday

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(sometimes you have to wait a couple of minutes before the movie starts)