Friday, 7 December 2007

How High

How high is a very funny comedy about two guys, Silas and Jamal, decide to one day smoke something magical, which eventually help them to ace their college entrance exam.. You even don’t have to smoke to like this movie.

Method P. Silas King
Obba Babatundé Carl Cain
Mike Powder
Anna Maria King
Fred Huntley
Jeffrey President
Hector the Crew Coach
Al Need Money
Chuck - Ghost (as Chuck Davis)

The plot is centered around two underachieving pot smokers - Silas P. Silas and Jamal King. When Silas' friend Ivory dies, Silas uses his ashes as fertilizer for a new batch of marijuana. When taking their THC (as opposed to SAT) exams for college, the pair are both sitting outside the exam hall attempting to smoke some marijuana, but neither is able to do so without the help of the other. Soon they discover that smoking Silas' new batch of weed summons the ghost of the recently deceased Ivory, who tells them the exact test answers and helps both of them pass with perfect scores.

Several prestigious colleges offer them to study at their school, suggesting different learning atmosphere and programs, but they all seem not to be interesting enough. That is until Chancellor Huntley suggests the two sign up at Harvard University.

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