Saturday, 1 December 2007

Road Trip

This is a very good adventure comedy about a guy who has to intercept a personal video to save his relationship. Lots of jokes and funny moments. A must-see.

Breckin Parker
Seann William
Amy Wagner
Paulo Carver
DJ Edwards
Tom Manilow
Rachel Henderson

Josh, a University of Ithaca student, is suffering through a romantic crisis. His life-long girlfriend, Tiffany, who is attending the University of Texas, has stopped returning his phone calls, and Josh is convinced she's cheating on him.

So, haunted by visions of her in another guy's arms, he succumbs to the seductive wiles of Beth, a girl who has a crush on him. The camcorder is running while they have sex, and the tape is accidentally mailed to Tiffany the next day (one of Josh's roommates mixes it up with the "I miss you" tape Josh had intended to send). And, shortly after the tape gone out, Tiffany calls and explains that she has been out of touch because her grandfather died.

In a last-ditch attempt to intercept the tape and save his relationship, Josh and three friends get in a car and head south on a three-day, 1800-mile road trip.

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