Sunday, 23 December 2007

Rat Race

Rat race is a fun comedy with an incredible cast. It’s about a race of 5 duo’s to win 1 million dollar. If you like adventure comedies this is definitely you movie to see.

Breckin Schaffer
Cuba Gooding Templeton
Seth Cody
Whoopi Baker
Lanei Jennings
Jon 'Randy' Pear
Kathy 'Bev' Pear
Rowan Pollini
John P. Sinclair
Amy Faucet

Through the orchestration of casino owner Donald Sinclair, six groups of people are brought together in a Vegas casino to race against each other in an attempt to reach a satchel of $2 million in locker 001 in the train station at Silver Lake, New Mexico.

The Pear family finds its family vacation in Vegas interrupted, and the Cody brothers are two con artists whose personal injury suit against the casino goes awry. Mr. Pollini, an extremely cheerful but narcoleptic Italian man, represents the hare of this story. After falling asleep on the way out of the casino, he gets hit by a creepy ambulance driver named Zack who is on his way to New Mexico with a live heart in a cooler. Owen Templeton is a disavowed NFL coach who blew a major call and is drowning himself in alcohol at the casino’s bar. Vera and her estranged daughter Merrill have reunited at the casino after Vera gave up Merrill for adoption years ago. Nick is an uptight lawyer-in-training. All of these clowns earn a shot at the money and head out across the desert.

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