Saturday, 29 December 2007

Ace ventura: Pet Detective

The first of two movies about Ace Ventura. It’s a great and hilarious comedy starring Jim Carrey. This is a great movie to see when your down or had a hard day at work.

Jim Ventura
Courteney Robinson
Sean Lois Einhorn / Ray Finkel
Tone (as Tone Lõc)
Troy Podacter
Udo Camp

Ace, disguised as a delivery man, steals a kidnapped dog from its brusque, unhygenic, violent captor and restores it to its owner, a gorgeous woman who proceeds to seduce Ace in lieu of monetary payment.

Ace himself lives in an apartment, which he retains by deceiving his landlord. Many animals of several species live with Ace, who shares an affinity with them. Because the landlord forbids pets, Ace conceals them, going to great lengths to do so.

The Miami Dolphins team's owner threatens to cancel the coming games if the suddenly absent mascot Snowflake is not found. Agent Melissa Robinson contacts Ace, seeking help. Ace meets Melissa, who explains that Snowflake is a rare bottlenose dolphin who is trained to perform football-themed tricks. The team is very superstitious, and may not win the Super Bowl unless Snowflake is returned; therefore the discovery of Snowflake's location is imperative. After meeting coach Roger and scaring off reporters, Ace enters the dolphin tank and finds his first clue: a rare orange cut amber.


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