Sunday, 16 December 2007


Envy is a nice comedy about two friends. One friend gets rich and the other not. A lot of laughs and when you are a fan of Ben stiller or Jack Black it’s defintely a must-see.

Ben Dingman
Jack Vanderpark
Rachel Dingman
Amy Vanderpark
Ariel Dingman
Sam Dingman
Lily Vanderpark
Connor Vanderpark

Tim and Nick are neighbours, workmates and best buds who look destined to spend the rest of their days as jaded yes-men at the local sandpaper factory. But it's all-change for Nick when his off-the-cuff idea for the afore-mentioned doggy doo destroyer - inventively titled "Vapoorize" - turns him into an overnight shit tycoon. Tim, meanwhile, is left to live to regret the biggest mistake of his life - turning down the opportunity to go halfers on his old chum's idea.

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