Saturday, 22 December 2007

Half Baked

Great stoner comedy movie. It’s about three friends who have to collect money to help another friend out of prison. A must see for stoners and a fun movie.

Dave Jenkins / Sir Smoke-a-Lot
Guillermo Dí
Harland Davis
Rachel Jane Potman
Clarence Williams Simpson
Tommy Master

Thurgood Jenkins, a Master of the Custodial Arts -- "or a janitor, if you want to be a dick about it" -- with the Frankensense & Burr Pharmaceutical Corporation. Thurgood lives in a New York City apartment with his three childhood buddies, Brian, Scarface and Kenny. After the guys take some hits off Billy Bong Thornton one night, it's determined that Kenny is on munchies patrol and, once Brian rattles off an obscenely long list of snacks, Kenny heads for the store, thoroughly baked.

Done shopping, Kenny sees a horse standing just outside the store doors and, being the kind-hearted kindergarten teacher he is, offers the horse some of his grub. Unfortunately, Buttercup is diabetic. Even worse, Buttercup is a police horse, so when he keels over after eating, among other things, beef jerky, graham crackers, sour cream 'n' onion chips, Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars, popcorn, two pizzas and a bag of Funions, Kenny finds himself behind bars, the local papers dubbing him the Kindergarten Cop Killer. Faced with raising his friend's $100,000 bail, Thurgood decides to steal and then, with the help of Brian and Scarface, sell medicinal marijuana from Frankensense & Burr, unwittingly creating competition for the local dealer, Samson Simpson.

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