Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Old School

Old school is a funny comedy about a guy who starts a fraternity after he rents a house on a college campus. It’s a good comedy with lots of laughs and a great cast.

Luke Martin
Will Ricard
Vince 'Beanie' Campbell
Jeremy Gordon 'Cheese' Pritchard
Leah Campbell
Perrey Jones

As Mitch comes back from a business trip, he is shocked to find out that his girlfriend Heidi takes part in orgies with a variety of people. She claims it’s purely sexual but nevertheless Mitch doesn’t want to continue the relationship. As a result, he rents a house on a college campus.

Mitch encounters his high school crush, Nicole, at his friend Frank’s wedding party. However, he doesn’t make a good impression with her in his drunken state by spilling hot coffee on her. Mitch’s other best friend Bernard throws a party for Mitch so that he could get his mind off his ex-girlfriend.. This party is a huge success and also puts Mitch and his friends at the top of the college social scene.

The next morning, the guys meet Dean Pritchard. The Dean is a childhood acquaintance of the three men, but since he was the butt of most of their pranks, his actions throughout the movie are vindictively rooted. Pritchard happily informs them that the house is specifically designated for social services and community housing. Therefore, Mitch, Frank, and Bernard must either move out or fulfil the Dean’s criteria in order to keep Mitch’s house. For this reason, it is Bernard’s idea to start a fraternity that is open to anyone.

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